Cecchinato at the Vicenza Oro Fair: An Appointment Not to Be Missed

Cecchinato Gioielli alla Fiera Vicenza Oro Gennaio 2023

Vicenza Oro is an event that represents a crucial moment for the jewelry industry, and it's an extraordinary opportunity for us to showcase our creations and share our passion for Italian goldsmith art with the world.

Vicenza Oro 2024: A Global Showcase

The Vicenza Oro Fair is one of the most important global events in jewelry and watchmaking, considered a benchmark for industry professionals. Each edition draws an international audience, including experts, designers, buyers, and jewelry enthusiasts.

Hollow Tubing Craftsmanship in the Spotlight

At the core of our participation at the Vicenza Oro Fair lies the showcase of our distinctive art: the crafting of hollow tubing. This traditional Italian artisan technique is what makes Cecchinato jewelry so unique and extraordinary. Through hollow tubing, we craft jewelry that marries tradition and innovation, bringing forth timeless works of art.

Vicenza Oro is a must-attend event for jewelry enthusiasts, industry professionals, and anyone passionate about Italian goldsmith art.

We'll be showcasing our stand from January 19th to 23rd, 2024, ready to share the beauty and elegance of Cecchinato jewelry with the world.